An investment that cannot be ignored by any gentleman, Made-to-Measure provides an eye-opening step into the world of tailoring and sartorial style. A cut above ready-to-wear. We have been developing the quality of our tailoring and services in order to produce nothing less than excellence. We have improved our blocks to provide a slim and modern fit for a sophisticated look for our clients. 

Our Made-to-Measure specialist will take you through a luxury experience which offers a great insight to a world of fine tailoring and a unique comfort and fit exclusive to every client. We have set aside a quality collection of fabrics for you to navigate through accompanied by our in-house styles. These cover a wide range of events and necessities; from overcoating materials to lightweight or winter-weight suitings, jacketings and formalwear textures. These will be supplemented by restrictive occasional increases, presented toward the beginning of each new assortment.

We average a turnaround time of six to eight weeks, so please give enough time for you to book an appointment to void any disappointment. 


The Process